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  1. C

    Rookie affiliate marketer

    Hello. Am new to the affiliate marketing world, and i look forward to learn a lot from this platform and also share what i learn with others along the way.
  2. kpkkprasanth

    Introduction Thread by kpkkprasanth

    Hai My Dear CPA Marketing dudes, I'm Prasanth Kumar from India. I have been doing CPA for the past 2 years to now. In my experience the best few cpa networks now am working with MaxBounty, CPABuild, CPALead, CPAGrip, CrackRevenew, Traffic Company, CPAlead and look for to work with more cpa...
  3. M

    Hello everyone

    My nam is Med hafed and I’m CPA marketer I’m interested anything I affiliat marketing
  4. MakeMoneyCPA

    MaxBounty Rejected My Application for no reason (Kate Ardidon Manager)

    Hello! @MaxBountyAdam @SteveMaxBounty @MaxBountyJoe I applied to MaxBounty as a publisher my affiliate ID is: 542687 my application is rejected for no reason please see this I try to contact my Affiliate Manager Kate Ardidon but when I try to call her my call is...
  5. SupremeWarrior

    MaxBounty can ask AD detail

    Heard so many things about maxbounty shaving ( advertisers shave them? ) and this is one of those many things: [video=youtube] If the traffic sent is legit and the advertiser pays, do the CPA network has the right to ask for images used, ad creatives and every nitty gritty detail and if dont...
  6. hentaiBoss

    Run Google ads with maxbounty offers?

    Hello everyone, I have little experience in google ads and I want to promote my maxbounty offer on google ads. I use clickfunnel landing pages and have a threshold account of g ad. I have few questions -What kind of offer can be easily promoted? -Which is best cloaking service for g ads? -Any...
  7. kderow

    MaxBounty Alternatives & Tips

    Hi there, Today I registered on MaxBounty and I'm waiting for their phone call. I put I've been working with Clickbank but I never did. It may sound dumb but it's pretty hard to believe they will accept guys coming from networks like CPAGrip, etc... I already watched some videos about what to...
  8. araldy

    [HELP] Method for CPA MAXBOUNTY

    Hi, I've been working with cpa for while and I used to spam on facebook groups to get sales and sign ups but now FB doesnt allow me to spam on group, so is there any other way that I can work with cpa? the campaings that I use is dating campaing is there anyway to spam with dating campaing...
  9. Rational

    Your Success with MaxBounty

    Hello I'll take the honor to start the first MaxBounty group thread. So I would like to discuss: -What offers work best for you? -How do you drive traffic to the offers? -Did you try the sales offers? My answers: -For the moment I worked with Email submits and downloads. -I mostly drive...
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