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  1. C


    Hi i am new here hope i will find good tips and idea to start my own business
  2. redone111

    New to the forum and wanna learn about cpa

    Hi everyone today I joined this forum to learn about CPA and get earning online.
  3. T

    New Member Introduction

    Hello Smart Minds, I'm TIMOTHY and I'm a newbie in CPA Marketing, i join this forum because it was created to help newbies like myself improve and grow. I'd be delighted to share my ideas to help others too.... I look forward working with you all in this community. Thanks.
  4. F

    Fred newbie

    Hey guys, I'm Fred and I would like to know more marketing ninja moves.🥷
  5. Terminaltrix

    I hope to learn how to marketproperly and avoid shiny object syndrome. I have been learning affiliate marketing for 2 years now.

    I have been learning affiliate marketing and cpa marketing for over 2 years now but i move from one offer to another to another and never end up making any money. I tried promoting Groovepages for 3 months but never got a sale. I hope i can learn new marketing techniques so i can afford to buy a...
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