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  1. Zenit

    June 2021 Share ONLYFANS Mastery - Make Money WITHOUT Showing Your Face

    Great OnlyFans guide that will make you money. Just be smart! *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  2. AdsEmpire

    Featured network AdsEmpire

    Hey fellow affiliates! We are happy to introduce AdsEmpire, your and reliable Performance Marketing partner. Our CPA Network has everything you need: - Exclusive and Direct offers - Advanced Smartlink Technology for WW traffic - Available verticals: Dating, Sweeps, Games, Finance, Crypto, and...
  3. Required

    eWhoring (ewhoring) Proof Generator for Forums :)

    If you ever needed proof of being a redhead girl etc, try this. Could also be for fun I've been out of the ewhoring game for a while now but maybe this can help someone
  4. Frank2012

    Any adult dating network Recommendations For Today!!!

    Any adult dating network Recommendations For Today!!! I try to sing up with maxbounty adcombo crakrevenue adverten but they all reject me Im working in adult dating offers any help!
  5. ReverseAndCode

    eWhoring [eWhoring] Kik messenger bot

    Hi, I am new to CPA Elites. Somebody at another forum recommended it to me. So this is my second post, maybe a start to give back something to the community. Is anybody interested in using a Kik messenger bot? You can use Kik especially for your "eWhoring" and adult traffic.
  6. SmallHopes

    Looking for a Crakrevenue adult cpa guide

    Hi i'm looking for an adult cpa guide that involves snapchat and stuff like that ( Crakrevenue ) . I din't find any here so i thought someone might be able to help me find one?
  7. vasilisa

    ADULT+IG 7000$ in 5months

    Hello, my name is Vasilisa. i was made here 8 months ago my first journey post, it was instagram+OGADS gaming niche but i havent get there normal earnings and i leave this niche. Now like 5 months already i am working hard with adult niche+IG My best ✅day was: 280$ ✅Best week: 1140$...
  8. Rauldd

    Monetize Snapchat traffic

    i got 120-130k Snapchat views and growing , I gain them through porn pics , I think they all perve interested in sexchating and those things . I tried using adult offers but I think they really don’t interested in those cause it don’t convert at all, any other kind of offers I can try ? Or I’m...
  9. kochikame

    How to promote Crakrevenue offers

    I want to promote Crakrevenue offers without any investment. Please suggest me few ways
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