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  1. Terminaltrix

    I hope to learn how to marketproperly and avoid shiny object syndrome. I have been learning affiliate marketing for 2 years now.

    I have been learning affiliate marketing and cpa marketing for over 2 years now but i move from one offer to another to another and never end up making any money. I tried promoting Groovepages for 3 months but never got a sale. I hope i can learn new marketing techniques so i can afford to buy a...
  2. Z

    Zeroeight by name , new to cpa marketing

    New to cpa marketing, I’m here to learn and hope someday I will be among the top guys making it big with cpa marketing
  3. Kelv_Nganga

    Just Landed!

    Hello friends. I'm glad to be in this forum, and to learn more from my fellow affiliates :)
  4. K

    Am Glad To Be Here

    Hi, Am Kenny by name and a beginner in CPA marketing. Am honored to be here and hope to learn the skillset needed for me to make a profitable CPA marketing business. Thanks
  5. B

    want to learn Methods For Cpa

    i`ve been working so much on this Cpa marketing and I find it very interesting but I never earned a penny till now, I want some new methods ideas to create something new, although i`m new to Cpa marketing so basically all ideas are new for me hope you guys can help me
  6. F

    hi there i am farock

    I am a cpa marketer . I have a decent amount of time working as a marketer .
  7. A

    I applied to work to adworkmedia and there is no response

    I hade work in a cpagrip and cpabuild for two years and I know all the ways to get traffic and leads HQ I applied to work in a and they sent a message that Account Is Being Reviewed week ago and there is no acceptance or rejection email and I do not understand the...
  8. O

    Introduction: new to cpa, i want to make a living of it

    I have read so much about cpa marketing online. Today, I want to start the journey to financial freedom. I hope I will be able to get as much help as required to accomplish this goal.
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