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  1. chaouki2010

    I Got Banned From Cpabuild Chat Permanently!

    I got banned in the chat because of talking Because I ask jay that he explain to me more about whether my name has a problem or I change it . I don't know the rule and I promise to not do that again. But I got banned from private chat too so I can't pm chat mod. Look like there is no way to...
  2. ahmedhamed

    CPABuild (...) ... (...) profiling

    CPABuild doesn't accept users from africa, arabia, india, pakistan, bangladesh, east europe ... most parts of asia CPABuild is kind a (...) doing this (...) profiling! we are human beings, we have human rights! solution: before you register ... use a 3g 4g ip address from usa ... create a...
  3. nethsaras

    CPABuild Account Banned

    When I try to log into my account , It says Account Banned or Locked. What is the reason for this? How to solve this
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