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  1. S

    Hello everyone, I'm new to affiliate

    I found this website thanks to Google. I am interested in affiliate. Although, I think affiliate marketing is saturated, I still want to join and make an income from it. I'm glad I found CPA elite forum
  2. Starkenator

    My name is jason Stark.

    In 2012, my father, a 32 year veteran of the United States Air Force, killed himself! I lost my mind, and started using drugs. Needless to say, I lost EVERYTHING! My job, my car, my family, my friends, and even my house! I've been clean now for a little over a year now, but am still...
  3. kard

    New here -first post / intro

    Hello all, I've been lurking here for a few years but decided to get a bit more interactive. I see I need to do an intro post before anything else so here we go! Not much to say w/o getting too personal. Been doing CPA and affiliate marketing on and off for a while. Looking forward to sharing...
  4. B

    Self Introduction

    Agun, Here. very excited to be here. i was redirected fro to learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer. I here to learn, contribute and share. Thank yoiu
  5. J


    I am Julius Robert, and here to learn CPA, I was introduced by a friend, and I developed interest in it.
  6. Layk

    About Me

    By name I'm Adeleke Micheal. I started CPA marketing in 2019 and made my first cool cash with mobidea and CPAlead , although it was not easy but I made it through with the help of my affiliate managers. I have run many vertices and buy media traffic and Free traffic., In brief this what I can...
  7. W

    Happy to joined CPAElites Forum

    Hello everyone, I am an online marketer and already into CPA marketing and Affiliate marketing. Happy to help and share my experience with everyone here and learn from others new techniques and tactics to earn more from online and help others to earn too. wish you all the best
  8. L


    Hello from Italy, here to learn from all of you. Have a nice CPA!
  9. D

    New member :)

    Hello out there i just came across this forum full of valuable information and with a great comunity as i noticed , i hope i'll share with you my humble experience in the future , i just started 3 months ago . Thank you for your time !
  10. A

    my name is Adel, im an a teacher,free lancer and afilliate marketer .

    my name is Adel, im an a teacher,free lancer and afilliate marketer .
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