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  1. jeez

    Goal of $100 a day

    I wanna turn CPA into a full time job. I will be doing PPD first, move on to CPA advertising, then e-mail marketing.. I've researched every way to make money and PPD is definitely the easiest, gonna try and pick up cash before I move to e-mail marketing. Money is everything nowadays.. FAQ...
  2. jeez

    Quitting CPA :(

    Hey guys, it seems like I'm going to have no choice but to quit CPA, I really don't want to but I really have no time for it. I was very eagered to get started now my hopes and dreams are lost. On the bright side, I was accepted into a program and have to go to school from 8AM to 4:30PM, five...
  3. jeez

    Survey completion redirect ?

    I need help figuring out how to redirect to another page once the survey is complete. Thanks
  4. jeez

    How long do you wait until you boost your video?

    I've read around but I haven't had a complete good answer. How long do you guys usually wait after the video is uploaded, until you boost your video with High Retention Views? Also, once you've boosted your video, do you drip feed it? If so, how often do you drip feed and how much...
  5. jeez

    Ahh, no internet! :(

    Been without internet for a few weeks.. I'm starting to go crazy, especially when I was sooo focused on doing CPA, I was extremely motivated until the internet shut off.. Super sad, I'm home for the summer, hopefully when I get back to college, I'll get right back into the game. I almost gave up...
  6. jeez

    Hey guys :)

    What's up guys, I registered at CPA Elites about a week ago, just browsing the forum. I wanted to get to know the site before I actually made an introduction. From what I've seen so far, this is a pretty good site and a lot of friendly people always offering to help. I've read countless ebooks...
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