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  1. PeaceBreaker3

    TSŪ - Social Network /w Twist

    TSŪthe trending Social Network with a Twist that can earn you Money _________________________ Hey Guys, I want to show you this fast-growing Network which pays you for interactions, content and recruitment. I am sure some of you have already seen TSŪ somewhere else. In this thread I want to...
  2. PeaceBreaker3


    - delete pls :3 delete pls :3 sry
  3. PeaceBreaker3

    Crazy High CR/EPC for US Traffic

    I didn't notice it because I usually look at my overall statistics. But now I have checked out the countries statistics... Check it out! :D August 1st - August 25th Cheers, PB3
  4. PeaceBreaker3

    Define Bumping Thread?

    Hey, I obviously like the new rule because less spammy threads. ( I just wanted to ask if you we able to define the rule a little, for example is it fine if I post in my journey thread daily...
  5. PeaceBreaker3

    Quality or Quantity?

    The obvious answer would be Quality, right? In this post I am going to give you a few examples on this topic and why Quantity sometimes is also very important and show you what to do in order to maximize your earnings by "abusing" the different types of niches using Quality and/or Quantity. I...
  6. PeaceBreaker3

    Watermark on any background!

    Watermark on any background! I am pretty sure all the graphic-noobs out there, just like me, had some trouble when it came to watermarking images, for example an image you want to insert into your visual basic project, a blog header with the domain inside the image... stuff like that! And I...
  7. PeaceBreaker3

    How to get ZERO Downloads!

    Hey Guys, Today I was google-ing myself because I am kinda bored at the moment and found a very old blog of mine full of outdated Sharecash methods and tutorials. They are not worth posting them on here since they are from 2009-2010 and will most likely won't help you at all, but this one in...
  8. PeaceBreaker3

    FileIce Funny Conversation Rate! :D

    I don't know what happend there, but it looks like a ghost downloaded my file. Zero Clicks, One Download! :D Conversation Rate = Impossibru! >.< Cheers, PB3
  9. PeaceBreaker3

    Viral Traffic made easy?

    Hey Guys, I've been reading about Facebook Viral Scripts and all the viral-goodness for about an hour now. To be honest I don't know anything about it, never tried it. I found something interesting though and want to know if any of you guys have experience using this or a similar service or...
  10. PeaceBreaker3

    Zero to Hero Project - RELOADED

    a Project by PeaceBreaker3 Welcome to the Zero to Hero Project - RELOADED! First of all I want to talk a little about myself.. I am a 21 year old guy from Germany, I have been into PPD/CPA since the end of 2009. I had a really slow start and made a few hundred dollars in my first three...
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