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  1. jdpreacher

    How to redirect user after completing survey with grip content locker?

    I downloaded some of the online generators being shared in this community and I have iframed my grip content locker code, I would like to redirect the user after survey completion to a file download site so he/she can get something of value. Can anyone help me with this, here is how my content...
  2. jdpreacher

    Did anyone receive their sharecash bi-weekly payout?

    Hi, I usually receive my bi-weekly payout from sharecash on the 18th, but it's already the 19th and nothing, this would be the first time for this to happen, maybe because it's holiday? How about you, did you receive it already?
  3. jdpreacher

    Is there a problem with SC today? Like 5 Hours of Slow Response?

    Hi, I was checking my stats and I see 5 straight hours of low traffic, and I was down for about 1,000 views from my regular traffic according to SC stats, and therefore affecting earnings. Anyone experienced the same? I would like to hear from you guys since I don't have analytic or tracking...
  4. jdpreacher

    What to do if file is deleted by network because of complains?

    Hi, I would just like to get the opinion of the community on a situation where your file is deleted by the network you are working with because an advertiser have complains against the file. The niche was earning a pretty decent amount of money daily and videos are still ranked, would you...
  5. jdpreacher

    How to Bypass Youtube "Sorry We Cannot Serve You New Account at this Moment"?

    Hi elites, I'm having trouble creating accounts even on proxies, I always encounter the message "sorry we cannot serve you a new account at this moment".... It seems that the IP's have been abused or something. Is there a method to get through this? Would really appreciate. Cleaning or...
  6. jdpreacher

    [PROBEM?] YT message: For better results, adjust your Quicktime settings.....

    Hi everyone, Every time I upload a video, this message keeps popping up "For better results, adjust your Quicktime settings to prepare videos for internet streaming. For more information, visit our Help Center." Is this an error or is there something wrong with the way I rendered my videos? I...
  7. jdpreacher

    UPDATE-Getting Worse How To Deal with Content Leechers?

    Hi Elites, I am having a big problem with a leecher who copies every single post i publish in my website. And it has affected my rankings. I don't do back linking, I just grow my site big and ranking comes naturally, (I spend an hour creating a single piece of content) but this past month and...
  8. jdpreacher

    What is the Proper Lighting Position in Your Office?

    Hi guys, I was setting up my office on a spare room which is painted with white on all corners, however I am having difficulty working because of the lighting, it seems so bright and so glaring, I tried re-positioning my table but can't get it right? Can anyone tell what there optimal table...
  9. jdpreacher

    My websites were targeted for Negative SEO

    Hi, So I have finally found the reason why two of my best niches are not occupying no.1 and no.2 position in google. I've been targeted, someone has been building spam backlinks to my website, I don't even do backlinking, I used ahref to check, and there were thousand of backlinks indexed in...
  10. jdpreacher

    Totally Pissed Off, YT Vids Deleted After Spending Much!

    I have wasted much time and effort in trying to rank my vids, I have gotten it to rank 4-5 boosting for almost a week now and when I woke up this morning, booom! some of my vids were deleted. I don;t even know if its worth the investment anymore, I bought vagex pro and guru. 130k credits all...
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