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  1. PeaceBreaker3

    Payoneer creditcard

    Good idea if you know what you are doing. But I really recommend getting some information on how to register your income and pay taxes, if you plan to keep working in this field. Payoneer itself has no limit on how much you are able to withdraw at once so all you have to check on is the fees the...
  2. PeaceBreaker3

    Can I do something about it?

    Watermarks are key. Show your specific URL/Domain inside the video. Talk about your specific tool/product/etc and tell people the "brand name"(=domain name) over and over in the video and show them at least a few times inside the video. Now if he is uploading your videos he is actually promoting...
  3. PeaceBreaker3

    Bad news for facebook page owners!

    This however is good for owners of a facebook page which has real targeted people. The amount of "fake" likes drop which means the likelyness of people interacting with your posts increases which means the visibility of the specific posts increases as well. Having a ton of fake likes might look...
  4. PeaceBreaker3

    From where to get traffic for a giveaway site?

    Giveaways rely on a viral effect I think, go for all Social Media and such websites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus+, Tumblr, Instagram, etc). Promoting by posting on Forums should work too, just don't make it too spammy or even better: steadily post on the forum and put a...
  5. PeaceBreaker3

    Is It Still Working?

    I am seeing less and less youtube videos being ranked for niches, so I guess there are only temporary methods you are able to apply. It seems the only videos alive for really big niches depend on something else rather than CPA/PPD. Cheers, PB3
  6. PeaceBreaker3

    Payoneer creditcard

    I recommend just paying the taxes, lol. Anyways I never used it in a local shop mainly because of the fees. I purchased something online once just because I really had to other payment option. I recommend only picking up (preferably large sums) of cash at ATM's to not waste the money on fees...
  7. PeaceBreaker3

    RIP " Backlinks" - New Algorithm Google's Knowledge-Based Trust

    "I read the news, and wild spreading all over the Internet" If its enough to make a thread about it then at least give us your sources. Cheers, PB3
  8. PeaceBreaker3

    Is someone trying to hurt my Rankings? (10000 Backlinks)

    Completely wrong approach! Also this :) @OP 99,5% NoFollow doesn't look like negative SEO to me. Did you check the anchors that came with the Backlinks? Any more data? Cheers, PB3
  9. PeaceBreaker3

    Payoneer creditcard

    Are you trying to avoid paying taxes? Bank Account is the best option because you are able to get some interest at least and the money just looses value if you keep it on a Credit Card. Anyways... I have been using my Payoneer Card since 2011 and switched to Wire Transfer to a Bank Account...
  10. PeaceBreaker3

    its ok to shorten sharecash link with

    I agree with the one's before me, just don't do it, the $1 you will get out of it will loose you $10. I have tried this in the past and removed it after just a few days, you will see a drop in earnings quite fast. (Even if you only have low traffic) Cheers, PB3
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