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    Where Can I Get AMF Scripts?

    Hello guys, Since Facebook and Twitter had changed their interface, the scripts that available now is not working anymore. Do you guys have the working script? Thx
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    Get Your Links Indexed Within Few Minutes At EXTREMELY LOW Price. We are presenting you most powerful link indexing tool that could easily index all your links within few minutes. You don't need to wait for several days/hours to get your links index because now you could easily index all your...
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    The Best Video Editor Ubuntu

    I know someone here uses Ubuntu as their main OS. So if u dont mind, what is the best video editor for ubuntu? I use camtasia for windows but for ubuntu? Thx alot for your help elites :)
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    [Help] Need 500-1k Not Indexed Backlinks

    Can someone give me 500-1k unindexed backlink? I dont have SEO tools that why cant generate my own backlink..I want to test a new instant indexing service
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    [Discuss] Alternate For Paypal

    It been 2 days since I started mining, and to be honest. It is a god experience to have. I mean we make money by doing nothing....Can yo imagine how cool is that? PAYPAL VS BITCOIN/LITECOIN WALLET In my opinion, Bitcoin/Litecoin wallet is a perfect alternative for paypal. When people said...
  6. Wave

    Alternative For Dropbox and Google Drive

    Hello guys, recently I just found a good alternative for Dropbox and Google Drive. It is Copy. What Is Copy? If I said you could have 5 GB of online storage for free, with the option to earn a bit extra by persuading others to sign up; be able to share you files publicly, and could sync files...
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    [Tutorial] Free ANTI-COPYRIGHT Soundtracks!

    Hello guys, I just made a pva account and created few channels in it. So after verify or make it double pva, I went to channel option and suddenly realize this *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** Thank you for reading
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    [Help] Create Custom Plugin

    Anyone here pro or master in creating chrome extension? Lately I use alot of cache page. So it quite hard to go to etc then paste the link. Is there any plugin which if we click, it popup some box for us to put url...then it will open the cache pages. Plugin based on this is cool...
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    [Help] Dual Booting Mavericks

    Hello guys, i know maybe it doesnt have any relation between mac and cpa/ppd stuff. But since the official forum doesnt want to help at all..i guess i will post here since here is active and know techie stuff My first problem : Solve and Unsolved I make Mavericks USB through this method ...
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    Newbie Starter Kit - Welcome To CPA Elites

    Ok in this thread, I collect all the tools needed for newbie in CPA industry. This will lessen your burden a little to search the right tool :) *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
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