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  1. Sakura

    [Ig Bh Method Journey]All I ask is that I can provide for my baby

    how is it going? i wish you all the best. a really impressing and motivating journey. i am not so experienced in making money as you. but if you have questions about babies/kids maybe i can help. i am a mom of 3 little kids. i hope you and the baby are doing fine. best wishes Sakura
  2. Sakura

    cant reach enough audience on FB !!! :(

    Have you thought about creating a custom audience? Maybe you need better targeted people for example from dating groups.
  3. Sakura

    My little brag or how I changed my life forever and invite everyone!

    Ah ha ha....this "funny", brainless guy isn't here anymore and i thought what i can answer. Btw...I am female and of course i care about my kids. Thats the reason why i try making money on the internet, but i have only a few hours per day time to sit in front of the computer.
  4. Sakura

    My little brag or how I changed my life forever and invite everyone!

    Wow, amazing. Respect that you took the step. I wish i would make enough money to fulfill my dreams for a better future for my family, but with two little kids it isn't easy. If anyone could help me, i would be very happy. I tried so much, but nothing works, i don't know what to do.
  5. Sakura

    Misbar: Movie Landing Page for PPD

    Really cool script. Thank you so much. It works, but the images are not displaying. And at GoDaddy i haven't found an image folder. Do i have to create one? Where?
  6. Sakura

    Facebook PVA Accounts

    wow, really? the phone verification sucks.
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