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  1. Quffs

    Master GSA - Learn how to use it efficiently for Youtube/Google!

    Does this include what vps to buy? Do you also teach how to scrape link lists?
  2. Quffs

    Become The Master of SEO and Youtube Ranking! (Exclusive Coaching)

    I'm lucky to be chosen on this coaching program and so far I'm inpressed of the information taught in this program. I can't wait for ranking guides since that's my weak side. Kodus and vouch to eliter1q. Thanks buddy. By the way what's your skype account? Got some few things I want to talk about :)
  3. Quffs

    Become The Master of SEO and Youtube Ranking! (Exclusive Coaching)

    Hi bro, I'm interested taking your coaching. I'm currently doing a journey thread and it would be awesome having a coach at my site. I have tools but currently don't have a solid plan to work things out. Let me know if I'm qualified so I can add you on my skype. By the way here is my thread...
  4. Quffs

    Use GSA and WAC Effectively - Tutorial 1

    What article creator your using bro?
  5. Quffs

    Case Study: GSA campaign with 7 tiers

    Okay, thanks for clearing bro :D
  6. Quffs

    Case Study: GSA campaign with 7 tiers

    Thanks for sharing bro, gonna check them out now. How bout WAC? have you upgraded to added option or your only using the basic $47 WAC? Thanks man!
  7. Quffs

    Case Study: GSA campaign with 7 tiers

    how bout indexer bro? Are you using one right now? Where did you get your vps bro? Hope you don't mind sharing :)
  8. Quffs

    GSA VPS recommendation

    Yea +1 to SolidSEO, gonna switch from Hostwinds to SolidSEO nxt month. Theres nothing wrong with hostwinds but SolidSEO has more quality servers :D
  9. Quffs


    Yup most of this tools are cracked and sometimes infected, I think buy legit tools just to be safe
  10. Quffs


    Yea hopefully this is a legit service. Many people can save money using this kind of services :)
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