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  1. Syberpro

    Back on track + Questions

    Not sure if you can help me out but it would be appreciated. I stopped cpa in 2014 since i was very busy but I earned a total of 3,800$ using youtube mostly and website you know those hacks thingy. It worked well I also earned over 700$ using adsense but now since I stop idk what is going on? Is...
  2. Syberpro

    Web page generator?

    Hi I would like to start making an actual generator but on the landing page. Basically I saw this landing page where no download are required but rather entering username of Char or fb profile. then clicking generate would load something like this and afterwards pressing an other button...
  3. Syberpro

    Sharecash or Adworkmedia?

    Alright so I'm currently with cpagrip but I'm getting EPC of 0.9$ and maybe 20-30$ each day. I really enjoy cpagrip for all its customization and earned over 1000$+ with them. I also heard great about sharecash and adworkmedia. I was wondering which one would be best to earn even more? I use...
  4. Syberpro

    $97 FBViral Script 2014 = SILENTLY Likes, Shares, Sends Messages

    This is my 2nd contribution. I found this script on internet and decided to share it to you elites :) All I ask is you reply saying thank you :) Btw I found this script on --- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. Please use the "Report" button below to report this message. --- thanks to 'BlackhatSEO' for this share. [color=#87CEEB]This script can push an insane amount of traffic to...
  5. Syberpro

    FREE CPA Widget / Content Lockers Skins (Increase CR)

    This is my first contribution to the community, So I browsed the internet and gathered many Cpa Skins for you Elites , this increase your CR if you use them correctly :wink:. All I ask is you reply below with a thank you ENJOY! :smile: If you have any more I could add to the list feel free...
  6. Syberpro

    [Cpagrip] How add content locker with image?

    Hello guys I'm using cpagrip and I have this code >>>>> onclick="call_locker()" I use blogger and want the code on my download image button so the locker appears when its clicked.
  7. Syberpro

    Peerfly Promoting

    Hello everyone! I got accepted on peerfly and was wondering what is the best to make some bucks? I know email submits are quite popular and wanted your opinion on how to promote these offers. Thanks
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