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  1. Jaxxon

    Help needed - Adult CPA SOI/DOI Traffic sources (where to buy?)

    First of all your IP could be the reason why everything gets blocked on Facebook.
  2. Jaxxon

    Facebook ads Help

    What kind of campaign are you running? Is it a conversion campaign?
  3. Jaxxon

    Payoneer payment

    Hey.. Almost all of the networks nowadays pay with payoneer.
  4. Jaxxon

    Run Google ads with maxbounty offers?

    The bigger the payout the better. Google Ads have expensive clicks.
  5. Jaxxon

    Adverten | Smart PPL DATING Link - Weekly payments (Paypal/Wire/BTC/Paxum and others)

    Anybody pushing traffic to this network? How is it going? Care to share screenshot with stats? :)
  6. Jaxxon

    [JOURNEY] 33.33$/DAY YT+CPA (ogads)

    You still working with YouTube? Can you post a monthly stats (day-to-day) so we can see how much you earn and what's your CPC/CTR rate? Thanks and good luck in the future.
  7. Jaxxon

    [Download] Awesome Blogspot Landing Pages

    Link works fine.
  8. Jaxxon

    Geo-Redirect Script [Target Countries on any url]

    Yeah this is gone. There is a new redirector but it's not free anymore, sorry.
  9. Jaxxon

    Does anyone have conntact from ShareCash owner or support?

    Nope, they're dead as far as I'm aware.
  10. Jaxxon

    MaxBounty Alternatives & Tips

    Just be honest dude. Tell them you've been running incent traffic and they will be happy to help you move to non-incent!
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