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  1. Mr David

    [NL] Avoiding suspicioun by banks/government? (Payoneer)

    Hello, Lately I've been earning some money but I have some questions. I live in the Netherlands, have a Payoneer account on my mother name (I'm underaged) So, I have a couple thousand that I want to have in cash, can I just withdraw it from the ATM here in the Netherlands? Or do I have to go to...
  2. Mr David

    Someone got VCC with low funds?

    Does someone have a VCC with around 2 euros on it? If so, could I buy it? Thanks
  3. Mr David

    Good network?

    Hello CPAElites! Does anyone know a good network where I can do offers and pays well? (GPT) With much mobile pin submits from diffrent providers! Please reply or PM me. Thank you, Mr David
  4. Mr David

    Social Locker (Blogger)

    Hello, Does someone have a social locker for me? Thats working with Blogger. I searched on the forum but I couldnt find one for Blogger. Thank you, Mr David
  5. Mr David

    [Tut] PPD eBook for starters!

    Hello, Here is another ebook that is useful for the starters! *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** Credits goes to the creator!
  6. Mr David


    Hello, Here is an ebook for the starters of PPD! *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** Virus Scan: Credits...
  7. Mr David

    Sharecash vs Adwork Media

    Hello, Today I was wondering which one is actually better, please reply who you think is better AND WHY. Thank you, David
  8. Mr David

    50$ in 3 days, never did CPA before.

    Hello, this is Mr David, I started with CPA 3 days ago and I can say that I am really proud to have this achievment. I'd like to thank Anth for all his help he gave me. Im looking forward to earn more. Thank you for reading, it may not be big for you, for me it is...
  9. Mr David

    Hey all!

    Hello, I am David and Im trying to earn with AWM, my most is now 1.07 dollar for today. I really like this site, nice tutorials and kind people. That was it, David
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