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  1. Mufin

    What network is this?

    I found this nice landing page. Both websites have the same but what network is it? Thx (...) Moderator edit: Links removed (against the CPAElites rules).
  2. Mufin

    How to upload same YT video?

    If I download some video from YT and want to upload it to my channel... what all I need to do to dont get BAN by YT? THX
  3. Mufin

    New IG phone verification problem

    My Instagram account need to add phone number, ok thats normal but. After I add my phone and push button "Next" IG redirect me to Sign in page, WTF. I try for second time and still the same problem... same problem... same problem... Anybody know how to solve this s*iit?
  4. Mufin

    CPA Networks with Bitcoin payments?

    I am looking for networks where you can get Bitcoin payments. Do you know any? Thx
  5. Mufin

    FR call lead???

    I am not sure how this work but I remember that if you live in FR then you call somewhere and you gain some 4 digi number. And you use this number to open locked contend. The owner of the content locker use this 4 digit number throug network website and get about 1 EUR. Is any FR member here who...
  6. Mufin

    French members here?

    I would like to ask some FR members If I can get an advice about what are kids (10-15 old) watching in FR TV now? I need this for IG traffic, also you can send me PM. Thx
  7. Mufin

    Crackrevenue - best offers?

    Can you tell me pls what offers in Crackrevenue convert best? I try some bad very bad results :( CPL - mobile. Somebody of you use this network?
  8. Mufin

    German people here?

    Hello, are here some members who live in Germany?
  9. Mufin

    Wordpress plugin (landing+collect emails)

    I want to create wordpress landing page with emails collecting plugin... I search for some plugins but nothing is for free or it is s*it. Can you give me some advice how do you solve this problem pls? THX
  10. Mufin

    IG ENDed

    Hmm looks like IG traffic is down for us. Not possible to verify via phone. If you have some clear number and click submit, IG dont want to take it...
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