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  1. Satani

    I keep getting suspended

    I'm trying to do something new. I'm using Mass Planner to join and post to facebook groups. The problem is, I keep getting suspended. Just to test thing out, I used my own IP and then I bought a private proxies. What can I do to avoid suspension? PS: I bought my facebook pva from vbxperts if...
  2. Satani

    Something that's bothering me for a long time

    Whenever I put a link in GSA does the "/" matter at the end of each link? For example: "" or ""
  3. Satani

    ISP Complaint

    2 days ago I started a new project on GSA. I forgot to check use proxies for submission and today I got an ISP complaint. My questions are: 1. If I use anonymous proxies will it be ok? 2. Should I use proxies with GSA Indexer too?
  4. Satani

    Heroes of the Storm EU

    Does anybody play Heroes of the Storm? It's a fun game to play, but it will be more fun if I find a team. Add me and we can play together. Battletag: Radu#2723 (I repeat EU only)
  5. Satani

    Astral Projection

    Did anybody on this forum astral project? I've been trying for over 3 months but without success. If yes, please tell me everything. PS: please don't start trolling
  6. Satani

    11k FB Page Likes

    I was promoting a niche using FB but the niche is slowly dying. I still have 11k likes. Any ideas what to do with the page?
  7. Satani

    Small investment

    I've quit CPA some time ago and now I need some money but things have changed a bit and my methods wouldn't work anymore. I have $100 to invest. Any ideas?
  8. Satani

    My (weird) motivating soundtracks

    A lot of you are listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger speech, never give up stuff and shit like that. But I'm different, I like listening to soundtracks, this may seem a little spooky to some of you. You will think that I am a satanist because of my username, and you're right, I am a satanist but...
  9. Satani

    I don't know what happened

    So 2 - 3 months ago I was playing with GSA, boosting some links, testing settings etc. I don't know what the f*ck happened but a few days ago, I woke up with this: The problem is that I do not know the traffic source. I tried using Google Analytics with the file locker, but when I click...
  10. Satani

    PPI for Android?

    I use only mobile traffic but I'm tired of getting 300 clicks and 2 leads. Just wondering if there is such thing.
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