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  1. Crim

    6 Leads = $32.40 :)

    yeah hold on let me just tell you...
  2. Crim

    6 Leads = $32.40 :)

    My video finally ranked #1 on google and I have been getting some nice traffic today at FileIce :)
  3. Crim

    RMXHost been down for 3-4 days now.. -.-

    Most hosts don't mind what you host as long as it isn't warez, pr0nz, or viruses.
  4. Crim

    Help me get accepted into AWM.

    Looking for some help with getting accepted into AWM, I'll sign up under your referral also so you will get a cut of my earnings. Thanks.
  5. Crim

    My car Audi A6 from ppd earnings

    nice man very nice car, Audi make very nice cars especially Audi R8 :P
  6. Crim

    Taxes with CPA

    Don't worry about any taxes, I've made 5k now with PPD and haven't paid a single penny of taxes lol and I am sure it's the same for most people.
  7. Crim

    FileIce -.-

    It has been a little better lately, but not as good as it used to be.
  8. Crim

    How do I get a gmail email?

    Usually if you try logging in with the username and the correct password it will prompt you to sign in with the gmail and it will tell you it, and sometimes you can just log straight in with the username.
  9. Crim

    CPA Lander Template Give-away!

    Hey man I'll take whatever it is the way you describe it I see it as a web template but thanks
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