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  1. Coolioh

    Journey to stable 1$ per day

    Good luck with the journey mate ! You should work on increasing your traffic, because with around 10 clicks per day you cant get a real CR estimate, work on getting at least 100 clicks a day, than you can see how the traffic performs. GL
  2. Coolioh

    Shapers journey to $5 a day

    Good luck with your journey! :) 5$ a day is easy, just be consistent with your work, and you'll reach it in no time. After that double the daily goal :) Best of luck!
  3. Coolioh

    AWM Group Applications

    Favorite network, hope to be a part of the group :)
  4. Coolioh

    cyb3rzone's Journey 30$/day!

    The CR is not that good, look trough the forum on how to improve your CR. HQ videos, nice looking landing pages, add virus scan, add some badges on the site like "100% clean and secure" and stuff like that. It should increase the CR a bit.
  5. Coolioh

    lanzye's Journeys

    Nice to see your earnings getting better, congrats mate :)
  6. Coolioh

    First french lead :)

    Congrats mate ! :) Wish you many more of those in the future !
  7. Coolioh

    lanzye's Journeys

    Eh, don't you worry about my rep :) Just focus on making those landing pages as sexy as it gets, to increase that CR furthermore ;) Update us on the stats later/tomorrow, once you applied all the stuff :) Should double your previous CR if not more :)
  8. Coolioh

    ByPass Google Phone Verification! ++3 Easy Steps!----

    Works as a charm, just tested with my Android :) Successfully registered and verified a youtube account :) Thanks for this!
  9. Coolioh

    lanzye's Journeys

    Nice, glad you took my advice :) Hope the is CR increasing a bit :)
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