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  1. annecruz

    Making money with porn

    I earned $50 a day with --- Unapproved network/affliate program/affiliate service/affiliate tool. Please use the "Report" button below to report this message. --- before but now google has become stricter with the advertising network and so my maximum earning nowadays is $10
  2. annecruz

    [HOT] YT Method to avoid youtube account ban from google

    I tried that one long time ago and ended up my account being banned along with all the channels. What I do now is 5 videos per account.
  3. annecruz

    For Chinese/Korean/Japanese Translators Earn Easy Money

    I did say translating novels not mangas/manhwa or webtoons so you don't need experience in editing pics. All you need is translation skills.
  4. annecruz

    For Chinese/Korean/Japanese Translators Earn Easy Money

    I'm will make this simple, for those who know how to translate from chinese/korean/japanese language to english you can earn easy money by translating web novels or light novels. Web novels are the hype nowadays. You can gain high traffic easily by creating a simple blog site using blogger or...
  5. annecruz

    d00my's SEO Journey with French Traffic

    What template/themes did u use in your site?
  6. annecruz

    Where do you guys live?

    The corrupted country Philippines. One thing good about the Philippines is it is cheap living in here. Tried living in japan and it cost me $600 for living expenses while in it I only need $200 to $300. That's the good thing in 3rd world countries.
  7. annecruz

    Amonetize very low instals since yesterday

    Switch network to Installerex
  8. annecruz

    I am forced to make it at 1k/ month

    Here's a tip, think of yourself first. Love thyself. Don't depend your happiness on someone else.
  9. annecruz

    15" or 13" Laptop? Based on your experience.

    If you want portability then go for a 13", but if u want a desktop substitute, since laptops are more power efficient then go for the 15".
  10. annecruz

    Impossible Dream($0 to $20,000)

    You're also from blackhat world right? I read your PPI journey and that what's inspired me to create also several PPI niches. To OP, it's not hard to make money on IM. You just need a lot of patience. Patience = $$$ But I wonder if you really are 14 years old :grin:
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