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    Speech Of Life and Hardwork. Read this!!!

    So i wrote a speech for my school i thought some of you members might enjoy it :) Cheers! Life Of Hardwork Life isnt a fairy tale but you do get what you wish for! Yes if you have a dream make a wish and wish hard on it. But so many people make the wish and hope for the happiness. Most people...
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    What are your future plans?

    Yeah things like that piss me off. But this is just a fantasy sadly "I also prefer to live in a country where people treat everyone with respect (no matter if someone has been born on the street or with a roof over head)." No matter were you go people will hate and disrespect its a humans...
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    What are your future plans?

    WOW! Hopefully i will be able to earn like you someday :D
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    dvLden CPAElites Interview | The well known Graphics Guru

    Nice interview :D dvLden is definitely a amazing graphics designer!
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    Hey there, I'm new

    Im looking forward to doing business with you :)
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    What are your future plans?

    So i am 14 years old right now and i make 300-500 a month right now. I started cpa when i was 12 and i remember when i cashed out my first 294 in a month at the age of 13. The first thing i did was buy a pair of jordans :D . I used my money stupidly hence how old i was. I would buy nice shoes...
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    Missing video plugin script?

    I know what you are talking about i think i have seen it on this website before.
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    Mitpat - CPA Elites interview

    Mitpat's Official Interview A Little about Mitpat! Mitpat (Quality Member) is know for not only being a outstanding member but his leads are only what we dream of! Making 192k in a month! He is a...
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    So i saved up $120.

    What should i do with this money i saved it up and i wanna use it for something that will help me earn more money. What should i but to make more money also i requested a 50.00 payout on fileice.
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    How To Make Landing Pages For Niches

    Yes you can. I have done this :)
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