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  1. wipoonfire

    New Gaming PC :D

    Awesome setup but when looking at cable, it was too much & quite creepy LOL but still amazing
  2. wipoonfire

    Senuke XCR vs Gsa .

    Senuke was a Monster. You can do some great thing with it But it cost like Hell
  3. wipoonfire

    CPAElites Championship | Multiplayer Earnings Race | Now Live!

    awesome, Welcome new Racerr. & good job Springfire to make it Burning again.
  4. wipoonfire safe?

    I use for all my campaigns. yes, sometimes link can get taken down by itself but it mostly because the short link, linked to site which have virus or bad stuff. & yes, it would be stupid for YT to ban domain since so many people use it not for Marketing purpose.
  5. wipoonfire

    Site siimilar to adfly

    Well I can't agree with this, I have seen people make $200 daily from adfly. so It was money even though he needs 100k-200k clicks daily to make that amount. LOL he would have make $20000 if he use CPA. but he can request payment daily & didn't piss off visitor with survey stuff.
  6. wipoonfire

    Adscend Group Applications

    Wow, can't wait for new File Locker. & Thanks for make Payoneer as payment option available. Love it. can you pm your skype or any AM available? rarely see Shane online this day
  7. wipoonfire

    Can youtube trace us by something other than IP?

    & this one, I didn't know if this one can make you get track or not. but if YT was smart enough, it can be easily done. "When You try Track or Check your live Video/Account " well I see that's some tools here to check if your video ranking good enough OR your account still live or not. Assume...
  8. wipoonfire

    AWM shaving

    they are not shaving, but they did only show you the unique clicks. (& they have VPN or IP fraud protection, to protect people try to complete offer using those method). You can still see whole click in Campaign report.
  9. wipoonfire

    CPAlead Content Locker Question

    they have CSS PDF guide, try to download it. you need at least have basic to code CSS. I thought you need to ask if someone here can help you. I can't code bro. hope someone can help you here Good luck
  10. wipoonfire

    CPAlead Content Locker Question

    If you want 800x472 at CPALead, you need to code your own CSS to customize it. that's the only way how to put content locker in WP? just put the code in place between <head> </head> if you want only put locker at post, just put it in Post you can find it at editor at WP dashboard same apply...
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