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    Somethings Wrong With EnhanceViews

    Last time I used them they had a 24hours delay with my views, so chill out... Oh and today their servers were really slow...
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    I LOVE developing new websites do you?

    I love doing theme, specially in themes that I like. That's I why I never have time for myself lol
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    [FREE] Modified SENUKE 3120 ( Latest August 17th )

    Gonna use it on my VPS for some days, will get to you if this works.
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    First thread in this section and it's going to be about WP.

    I won't go with x10 it's overloaded with shit. Go to (my personal choice) for free it's non overloaded and you can install whatever you want.
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    Why people always choose MyBB?

    mybb is the only good free forum software now. SMF was good but now. it isn't and IP.board is paid, only the framework or the v2 (if I am not wrong) free
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    My best day so far with CPA

    wow!! Very awesome! Congratulations on that!
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    Best Webhosting For PPD Niche Website ?

    hm, I use QuickFyre and it works great for me, but I am suspect as I am staff of there. If you want to contact me because of it, add me on skype: marmigsdesign
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    What about using CloudFlare?

    Only if you have pro protection... Really.. Free protection just fails and fails and fails. At least for me and my sites.
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    Adnooka bug, remove files for now.

    Yeah, you should temporaly remove your links of adnooka. I thought it wasn't new xD
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    Adnooka bug, remove files for now.

    You don't win any money with it? btw, that was said on their thread as I remember, that they have several bugs.
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