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  1. Jamie

    Which method do you get highest CR with?

    Are widgets things like online generators that you content lock? so that the user does not need to download anything?
  2. Jamie

    Discussion About Youtube Instant Ranking

    true but i only make $10/day and do it once a day which is good for me as i am only 14. i dont really do this whole cpa/ppd thing seriously
  3. Jamie

    Discussion About Youtube Instant Ranking They say up to 96 hours but they usually deliver them in around 6 - 12 for me
  4. Jamie

    Discussion About Youtube Instant Ranking

    None to my knowledge, i usually upload 5 videos on different add 1k views to all of them overnight. The next day, i unlist them one by one. Then at night i repeat the process
  5. Jamie

    Discussion About Youtube Instant Ranking

    This^. Instant rank 1 for a couple of hours. = dozens of leads. Easy money. But them flaggers piss me off.
  6. Jamie

    PAUL WALKER dies at age 40!

    it's really sad that his life was taken while at a charity event. R.I.P Paul Walker.
  7. Jamie

    What Do You Do Before You Sleep?

    I get into my bed and then i go to sleep :)
  8. Jamie

    What brand name you like more NIKE or ADIDAS?

    Nike shoes, Adidas Boots
  9. Jamie

    10 Free 48Hour Codes Per Person!

    Cheers for the codes man !
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