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  1. BTMSupport

    Non-Incent, Mobile Supply Sources?

    It's been a while since I logged and used CPAElites. Reason being, BTM no longer has incentive supply or demand.  We now only focus on Non-Incent mobile supply and demand to which we have really big budgets and brand names (Instacart, Facebook, Yahoo, Game of War, Final Fantasy, Amazon...
  2. BTMSupport

    What can our Content Locking/Link Locking CPA Network do better?

    We're known to be crowd pleasers. We listen to our publishers and implement almost anything they need with the robust custom proprietary platform we've built. But we always know we can improve, provide better tools, support, offers, etc to our publishers. So the question remains, what can we do...
  3. BTMSupport

    Conversion Rate or EPCs?

    We've been told by some publishers that they like to optimize for the best Conversion Rates instead of EPCs for file sharing. What are your thoughts on this? We allow our publishers to choose which they would like their content locker and link locker to sort by, but I'd like to hear some opinions.
  4. BTMSupport

    Shaz here from Blue Track Media

    Hello all, Glad to be apart of this forum, the admins and users seem very friendly and helpful so far. That's the key to building a strong community. I'm Shaz and I started Blue Track Media in 2009. We're an established and well trusted affiliate CPA network that specializes in the incentive...
  5. BTMSupport

    Blue Track Media - Get PAID $50+ For Trying Our Content Locker/Link Locker FREE!

    Yes you heard right! Want an easy $50? Keep reading! For a limited time Get Paid $50+ FREE (or more) for simply trying Blue Track Media’s Link Locker and Content Locker V2 technology! Before we elaborate on the FREE $50+, let us tell you why you should trust Blue Track Media when most companies...
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