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  1. Teh

    Looking For Someone To Set Up A Like Locker On My Wordpress Site.

    Well i've been trying to set one up and can't do it. I need someone to set up a like locker on my wordpress page, i will pay whatever is needed. I want something like this ( ). If anyone can do it please add me on skype (TehKhalifa) or PM me. Thanks!
  2. Teh

    Working Like Locker for Wordpress?

    Well i've been searching for one and can't seem to find one. Can anyone link me to a Like Locker that works? Thanks
  3. Teh

    Thank You AdWorkMedia <3

    It's been a while since i am with AdWorkMedia, it's the only network i've used. I decided to take a picture after picking up another $5k from Western Union :D
  4. Teh

    Does Anyone Have a Facebook Hacker Niche Page?

    Well, i've been looking for one for around 2-3 days now. I only found one here, and it was posted around 5 times. It doesn't work with AdWorkMedia sadly. If anyone has it please PM me! :)
  5. Teh

    $5,000 This Month On AdWorkMedia :)

    1 more day to go, so that's another ~$200. Let's hope next month i can reach $10k :)
  6. Teh


    Moved to the correct section. Closing this.
  7. Teh

    Wordpress Facebook Share Lock?

    Well i've had some of these, but today i looked for them and can't find them anywhere, so i decided to post here. Anyone has a script that when someone goes to my site, it pops up and asks the user to share the page?
  8. Teh

    Hitleap - Worth it?

    Well since most retention view methods are patched, i need a new way to boost some videos. I Keep hearing good things about Hitleap, is it worth it? And does it work for YouTube? Thanks
  9. Teh

    Profile Referrals

    In my opinion this looks ugly and takes a lot of space in the profile. Maybe you should remove the names. I took Bok1ca's profile as an example.
  10. Teh

    $1200 on my second month in AWM!

    This was my second month earnings (April). Lets hope this month will be better! I already earned $400 so far this month
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