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  1. daonlinegamer

    Any advice for Gaming Channel?

    So, any advice to get my Gaming Channel going? I'm going into PocketGaming (currently only mobile) and my advantage over everyone else is my HD videos. I have real 1080p quality from a nexus 7 tablet and it looks AMAZING when I watch my videos on my 21 in PC Monitor. Any advice besides bringing...
  2. daonlinegamer

    Blogger deleted my blogs.

    I had two blogs up and they deleted both of them. What should I use now for a landing page? Does anyone know if Weebly works good? What do you guys use?
  3. daonlinegamer

    YouTube just keeps banning?

    Is it me or is it for everyone? a few months back, i was a beast at making accounts, now i can't even get one to stick for 24 hours. I tried everything, making it look real, cleaning everything, using reliable proxies. My question is, What do you do to keep your Youtube Account up?
  4. daonlinegamer

    Has Vagex Banned Your Videos?

    I want to know, Because some of mine got deleted, others didn't just yet. I wonder if its safe or if i just spent $30 on nothing :/ Vote in the poll!
  5. daonlinegamer

    Highest Score on Google Game?

    Let me hear yours? I got 185. You?
  6. daonlinegamer

    Kid Got Talent?

    [video=youtube] What do you guys think? Does he have talent? What are your thoughts.
  7. daonlinegamer

    Super Low Clicks AWM?

    Is it just me experiencing this or what? I avg'd about 130-150 Clicks a week or two ago, now im only around 90-100. Am i the only one? Only been going on for a day or two, i may just be overreacting. Just want to know if its just me or not. Thanks! Edit: Been solved. Thanks everyone!
  8. daonlinegamer

    Adding Proof?

    Does adding proof increase Crediting Rates by alot? Anyone have proof? Have you tested with and without proof? How much different where the results? Thanks in advance (:
  9. daonlinegamer

    AWM Link Locker Toolbar?

    Is the toolbar worth it? You know the toolbar that says either unlock or whatever. Or is it better to remove it?
  10. daonlinegamer

    AWM Compliance Question

    It says no use of the word 'Free' What if my blog says free on it in the title but on my blog I CLEARLY STATE "You have to complete a survey before being redirected." Is this against the rules? Do i have to make a whole new blog now? Thanks!
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