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  1. Teh

    Looking For Someone To Set Up A Like Locker On My Wordpress Site.

    Well i've been trying to set one up and can't do it. I need someone to set up a like locker on my wordpress page, i will pay whatever is needed. I want something like this ( ). If anyone can do it please add me on skype (TehKhalifa) or PM me. Thanks!
  2. Teh

    Working Like Locker for Wordpress?

    Bump, still looking!
  3. Teh

    Working Like Locker for Wordpress?

    Thanks for your reply. Still looking for one.
  4. Teh

    Working Like Locker for Wordpress?

    Well i've been searching for one and can't seem to find one. Can anyone link me to a Like Locker that works? Thanks
  5. Teh

    FREE iPad Mini & PS VITA's Holiday Giveaways – All Forum Members Eligible!!!

    Well i've been on CPAelites since the first day, and i've seen it grow. It has a lot of valuable members that know what they are talking about. I really like the style and the topic of this forum.
  6. Teh

    Looking for a new phone

    Get the Galaxy s4, i have it and it's the best phone ever.
  7. Teh

    Youtube video category affects ranking?

    Yeah, but it only does temporarily. After a week passes your video will be dead and it will be hard to bring it back to the #1 page.
  8. Teh

    Should I use a Female voice or Male voice for my videos?

    Well if you have the chance, do a woman's voice. Woman's voice sounds innocent.
  9. Teh

    Thank You AdWorkMedia <3

    Who? My parents or the Western Union Agent? My parents don't know i make money off the internet. Western Union Agents don't give a fuck where i live, they just throw the money to ur face :P
  10. Teh

    Thank You AdWorkMedia <3

    It's nothing compared to some other big earners, but i am working my way up there :D
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