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    Any FREE SEO tools?

    Hey, I have a new free VPS :P and I wanted to get it working by getting some SEO tools working, but I have no money to invest (only 3$) so I was asking if anyone knows any free blackhat seo tools that I can use? Thanks!
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    .5$ and 1$ Windows VPS [AU][6months]

    I was searching for some cheap vps's and I came across this prices, 0.5$ for 1GB and 2GB for 1$ It's really cheap but it only works for 6months but I guess after 6 months you already some good money to get a new and better server :P Here's the link for you...
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    You do voice-overs?

    I was here looking around the threads and I came up with this question, do you voice-over (with your own voice) your youtube niche videos? If you don't, what do you use to get more clicks on your links?
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    Tutorial for make a CPA/PPD program

    Hey, I'm wanting to make a program which offers the generation of a random key, like "Diablo III keys" (Example) Can you give me some lights about how to do that? I have some knowneldge about PHP and internet languages but I wanted to expand to VB (I guess this is the language everyone here...
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    Mobile site

    Hey! I access the forums regularly when I'm out of home with my cellphone, it would be nice if you have some sort of mobile them that make easier for us (mobile phone users) to see that site. I guess this is the opinion of many others.
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    What about Neverblue?

    I've heard of them once in a ebook about PPD and CPA and they did look very HQ with some very nice campaigns. Do you have an account with them? How are they like?
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    Hello from MarMigs

    Hey! I'm MarMigs, I was referred by Bok1ca and I'm starting in the business of CPA and PPD.
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