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  1. Satani

    I keep getting suspended

    Can you recommend me a good VPN? Mass Planner has it's own browser. Is it safe to use multiple accounts?
  2. Satani

    I keep getting suspended

    I'm trying to do something new. I'm using Mass Planner to join and post to facebook groups. The problem is, I keep getting suspended. Just to test thing out, I used my own IP and then I bought a private proxies. What can I do to avoid suspension? PS: I bought my facebook pva from vbxperts if...
  3. Satani

    Hows windows 10 so far?

    I think I saw an improvement in gaming, but I'm not sure. Maybe it's just me.
  4. Satani

    Help buying a Mac please.

    I'm not so sure about gaming on a Mac. Look at those shitty GPU.
  5. Satani

    Religion niches?

    Maybe SEO?
  6. Satani

    Religion niches?

    Bob Larson did it, I don't see why you couldn't. I searched some keywords long time ago and I found some interesting results regarding religion niches. 7 out of 10 keywords had more than 100k searches per month. So yeah, I think that you could make some money with relgion niches. Keep in mind...
  7. Satani

    Something that's bothering me for a long time

    Yes I use that every time I make a new project. That "/" was just bothering me. Thanks.
  8. Satani

    Something that's bothering me for a long time

    Whenever I put a link in GSA does the "/" matter at the end of each link? For example: "" or ""
  9. Satani

    I Bought A OnePlus One With CPA and PPD Money!

    Nice. I also bought a Oneplus One from CPA money.
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