euforio scam

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euforio scam

The account of euforio alias CPACodex alias RealLetsSnapIt alias ... has been disabled (banned) due to overdue payments since 2019:

"Just pay the overdue payments, pending since 2019: Server hardware, server housing, network hardware, hosting, license fees, software fees, software development costs, server administration costs, maintenance costs, domains, user membership upgrade earnings, advertiser earnings, network subscription earnings, user subscription earnings etc. You owe us 100.000+ Euro (US$ 120,000+). After we received your payments we can discuss the future of your multiple accounts at CPAElites."

The username of euforio at BlackHatW...: CPACodex - Don't do business with CPACodex alias euforio, you might get scammed also.

euforio - CPACodex - RealLetsSnapIt - Borislav - Pachu - 1million - pachuback - pachuv2 - etc.


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    May 30, 2021
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