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    [Tutorial] PPI - Simple & Effective

    Helpfull thread, thanks!
  2. zez1994

    My Improved Journey to a New Goal of $100/Day

    I have a little question, might sound very dumb. How do you actually get views on your video's. I tried uploading video's for the past week. Chose good niches and actually even tried boosting them, but they don't get constant traffic at all. Is there anything you do to actually boost your traffic?
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    hello everyone

  4. zez1994

    hello everyone

    Hi, i'm 20 years old and from the netherlands. I ended up at this forum cause I started doing some PPI with youtube vids. I'm happy to be a part of this community, looking forward to learning and giving back to this community one day.
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    LikeNation iMacros Script

    Thanks for sharing, could anyone help me with the following error. The script runs perfectly for 9loops orso and then gives me this error: RuntimeError: element A specified by CLASS:followbutton&&TXT:Subscribe was not found, line 2 (Error code: -921)
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