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  1. xxreloadedx

    Journey to First $50 In PPI

    Currently boosting blogger views through hitleap to try and rank it better, also trying another project to get me $50 to invest in churn and burn service
  2. xxreloadedx

    Who is going to win the world cup?

    I wonder why you'd think netherlands are going to win, cough dutch pride cough. But I agree they are probably gonna win.
  3. xxreloadedx

    Going to start

    Thanks, for anyone interested I have created the journey thread the link is in my sig :)
  4. xxreloadedx

    Journey to First $50 In PPI

    Thanks for everyones support, I can't use fiver as I don't have any money and my paypal is limited. So I will probably use addmefast or hit leap but I'm searching around for other things.
  5. xxreloadedx

    Journey to First $50 In PPI

    Thanks! Also of anyone has any idea for a website to help me get more site views please share it, thanks.
  6. xxreloadedx

    Journey to First $50 In PPI

    What I'm doing I'm trying the movie player script with PPI to see if I can make $50. What network I'll be using I'll be on Media kings for the meantime. $1.02/$50 [$1.02 From previous work] I'll try and keep this as up to date as possible with what I'm doing in realtime. Currently...
  7. xxreloadedx

    i wanna start churn and burn

    So if I was to save up about $300 I should be able to start churn and burn?
  8. xxreloadedx

    ☆☆☆☆☆ Zero To 150 Niches Real Quick ☆☆☆☆☆

    Will be following maybe you can motivate me on my journey aha
  9. xxreloadedx

    Going to start

    Bump, does anyone have any suggestions on how I should start? I tried the youtube idea previously and it didnt work, so any ideas?
  10. xxreloadedx

    Going to start

    Ok after finishing my exams i've decided i want to try and make a bit of money through CPA, i don't have any initial investments, im not looking for a mentor because that wont come without me having to sign up under someone and i already have signed up pretty much everywhere but just some advice...
  11. xxreloadedx

    [ Teaching Till You Get Your Payout ] PPI Referral Program - Media-Kings

    Name: Abdulla Signed Up Or Not ( If not then use the link mentioned above ):Yes sorry Any experience before: A bit Skype Name ( PM me if you don't want to post it ): PMing you now
  12. xxreloadedx

    Journey to $200 a day! I WILL NOT STOP! S.A.D

    Oh thats nice, hope you reach your goal also if you need any help add me on skype xabdulla97x
  13. xxreloadedx

    Do you like working alone or with a buddy?

    I prefer working in a group, it's a great feeling when you set a goal and eventually get it, saying that I haven't done much in a group for CPA. I just don't have the motivation to do it on my own.
  14. xxreloadedx

    Do you have someone that you look up to? Perhaps a mega earner!

    Definetly Mitpat, crazy earnings right there! Makes me want to start CPA straight away! Haha
  15. xxreloadedx

    ► MultiT4sker's Journey [FR] ◄ Quality instead of Quantity

    Ignore that, its spam, some people just want to increase post count, anyways GL with this gonna keep checking, you should update the main post as well as making new posts in the thread, most people will only look at the initial post.
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