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    Win 10 Update Question

    Just upgraded from 8.1 to 10 yesterday by Get Windows 10 app. After upgrading, I done a reset. Nothing can beats a fresh installed Windows :)
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    Discuss Windows 10

    The best thing is free Upgrade for Windows 8 and Windows 7 users. Although there are terms and conditions
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    Should gay couples be able to marry?

    I personally said no though. Because there is a reason why there are men and women. Also they are not born Gay. It maybe because they been tauht like that since children, environment, etc. Sometimes they are weak minded. They should see a psychologist. It is for their own good
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    If The World Were To End What Do You Think Will Be The Cause

    Human forget who they are. Human forget where they belong to. Human lose it humanity
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    [CLOSED] Xmas PS4 Giveaway Including... Logitech Keyboard, Amazon Fire TV Etc...

    My best memory in CPA Elites is when Hawk Eye prove me that not every moderator in forums are bad and ignorant especially Admin. But he really proves me wrong. My favourite country will be USA as it is one of the easiest to convert and doesnt cost the user who completes the survey Thanks alot...
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    Cpagrip locker template - Part 7 - GTA V

    Are you the one who made this? Looks awesome
  7. Wave

    Bought New PC [1300E]

    Make a Hackintosh :) Your job will easier, but idk if your current setup is compatible
  8. Wave

    Why MAC Better Than Windows ?

    I agree Ubuntu is ok as the machine i use right now is dual boot with ubuntu :)
  9. Wave

    Why MAC Better Than Windows ?

    Oh yeah it illegal. But about the pirated i dont agree enough, most Hackintosh user buy the OS legally :) Mavericks and Yosemite is free
  10. Wave

    Why MAC Better Than Windows ?

    I mean the os price
  11. Wave

    Why MAC Better Than Windows ?

    Cheaper and also I amazed by their development. Even windows cant achieve such stability, safety and smoothness that ald been achieved by Apple. Although their items are overprice, but hey there are more than 2 ways. I hackintoshed my laptop and running smoothly 10.8.5
  12. Wave

    Surface Pro 3 vs Macbook Air Commercial!!

    To be honest, since my first hackintosh build, i kind of a OS X fan now. My old laptop is freakingly fast on Mountain Lion than Windows 8 which is lag
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    the real title should be YOUTUBE SATURATED!
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    Where Can I Get AMF Scripts?

    Thanks, but i ald found your thread before. It didnt for FB Page Like :(
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    Where Can I Get AMF Scripts?

    Hello guys, Since Facebook and Twitter had changed their interface, the scripts that available now is not working anymore. Do you guys have the working script? Thx
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