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  1. vucina


    Hi everyone, i am new here and want to learn new ways of making money. I worked earlier with PPD and PPC, and now i am looking forward to find some new ways of earning. Hope i find some good stuff on this forum, and i hope to share my methods of earning with others.
  2. vucina

    Youtube Unlist Method - Not Working ;(

    and why do indexing delay happens at all? whats up with yt?
  3. vucina

    unlisted power decrease

    i dont think that is patched,i see many videos still using this method Btw. does massive keywords in description actually help ranking video with this method?
  4. vucina

    ★GUARANTEED SEO in GOOGLE 1st PAGE★ OR ★100% REFUND★-No Result,No Pay

    wow someone is a bit greedy :D ,lol joking but its really too expensive
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