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  1. Trung_Peter

    ★★★ Adgaem Referral Program ★★★ [Always Payment Ontime]

    Great network ! Great offers !
  2. Trung_Peter

    ★★★ Adgaem Referral Program ★★★ [Always Payment Ontime]

    Thanks ! Please send me your skype & email to inbox !
  3. Trung_Peter

    ★★★ Adgaem Referral Program ★★★ [Always Payment Ontime]

    Really nice , bro ! I'll join with you !
  4. Trung_Peter


    Payments to be issued My next payment is expected on 12-31-2013 for earnings generated until 5-31-2013 :grin: Lol , CPA Lead has'nt send out payment and they tell me the Advertiser say their traffic poor , and waiting for Advertiser ................. I don't understand , iS This network scam...
  5. Trung_Peter

    Skymonetizer - (pay per install)

    Paypal payments are possible. Register and create a ticket, will change your payment method to paypal manually. Paypal is the best , good job !
  6. Trung_Peter - Minimum Payout 10$, 1-38$ per lead! 90% rate, High CR and EPC!

    Astro Cash's very bad, do not use our time & money for this , They usually ban id with no reason , can not contact them !
  7. Trung_Peter

    ShrinkOnce - Great for Beginners

    very nice network , you know ! But i will wait for their paypal come back , i don't know why, but i only love paypal ! Thanks !
  8. Trung_Peter

    [Guide] How to get accepted into any network!

    very useful pro ! Thanks a lot !
  9. Trung_Peter

    cleanfiles scam member legit

    Contact them is all you should do !
  10. Trung_Peter

    Which Network allows h@cks and cr@cks

    It's good ways to leads
  11. Trung_Peter

    FileFire + AdShift Media = SCAM?

    Adshiftmedia Pay again, i don't know why, but i think i will try more !
  12. Trung_Peter


    Where's tut of adw, buddy?
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