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    Found Out My Wife Is Pregnant On My Birthday! :)

    Congratulations!! I hope for the best!
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    [Method] Awesome Greyhat CPA/PPD Method - Make $$$$ Using This Method

    Are you the one who posted this on --- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. Please use the "Report" button below to report this message. ---? I saw this long time ago there...
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    I told you I can Find it - Frenchies!

    Nope, it's something I discovered years back..I just remembered how to do it It's the lowest offer.. Yes, I did not optimize . hehe
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    I told you I can Find it - Frenchies!

    I know this is not much for you top earners.. But this is the start for me again. Lol.. I told you I can find the method.. Trolololol.. It might be it.. or maybe not.. You're not gonna tell it anyways.. Piz.. Mwuapxx!
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    Generate long tail keywords in few seconds

    Nice one dude.. but I have scrapebox for that.. :D
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    Latest Captcha Sniper vs Latest GSA Captcha Breaker?

    I am using it.. I don't have Captcha Breaker so I can't compare..But it's doing a nice job.
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    What Network is This?

    Ah.. Thanks a lot Guyz
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    Converter Needed

    Did you get their usernames? If so, add to them.
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    [HOT] Bank With Facebook!

    If you message is promotional..It will be blocked.
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    cpa offers on fb ads?

    You need to have a good landing page, a nice non incent network, and some angles.. to make those shitty offers profitable.
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    Help with sales

    Pay for traffic? or do social media
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    What Network is This?

    Hello, What network owns this? and Thanks!
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    d00my's Journey to 100$/day with CPAGrip [YT+SEO]

    Good luck brother! you can do it man!
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    YouTube to mp3 convertor. Need ideas.

    Snipmp3 does a great job on this. Just a php I think? Simple, fast, and efficient.
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    (͡๏̮͡๏)Forums Turning Some Into Informers? 凸(¬‿¬)凸

    Well said .. Well said.. I am one of the pioneers of Youtube exploits.. I only said it to my trusted friends, oh.. I though my friend.. and they share it to the forum.. jesus! .. My fault anyways!!
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