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  1. Tando

    Boosting video question!

    How do you boost your videos? Like where do you go and how much do you spend and on what do you spend it on? Thanks!
  2. Tando

    How much do you invest per video?

    Question, where's the best place to purchase HR views? :)
  3. Tando

    No longer here.

    PMed you and I'm hoping to get the method, thanks :)
  4. Tando

    ♦♣▒▓█ [FREE] Uncopyrighted music for your niches videos █▓▒♣♦

    Many thanks for this such a great contribution love you <3
  5. Tando

    [AdWorkMedia] How to increase your earnings

    Holy bajebus I hope this actually works! Will be using, thanks!
  6. Tando

    [Faster Payout] Adnooka - Better than Adworkmedia [Higher EPC,Higher Conversions]

    I'm sticking with AdWorkMedia until AdNooka gets https :p
  7. Tando

    My Journey To $50/day in AWM/Adnooka!!

    Is your CPA lead credited at E-Mail submit? And have you tried advertising with fiverr?
  8. Tando

    Hello I'm Tando

    Hello everybody, my name is Tando! I'm looking forward to making it rain on my Paypal account. I'm also from --- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. Please use the "Report" button below to report this message. ---.
  9. Tando

    [METHOD] Get targeted domain/subdomain for FREE!

    Thanks for the contribution I will use this method :)
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