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    Back on track + Questions

    Youtube is dead :cool:
  2. Syberpro

    Back on track + Questions

    They are not very stable though they could get deleted at any time.
  3. Syberpro

    Back on track + Questions

    Not sure if you can help me out but it would be appreciated. I stopped cpa in 2014 since i was very busy but I earned a total of 3,800$ using youtube mostly and website you know those hacks thingy. It worked well I also earned over 700$ using adsense but now since I stop idk what is going on? Is...
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    FREE CPA Widget / Content Lockers Skins (Increase CR)

    Photoshop. I did not do the typo, these were lockers I found on internet
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    FREE CPA Widget / Content Lockers Skins (Increase CR)

    No problem mate! Enjoy all these skins
  6. Syberpro

    FREE CPA Widget / Content Lockers Skins (Increase CR)

    its a pleasure for me to share all these !
  7. Syberpro

    Introducing the new CPAGrip Group Application Thread!

    Hi John, I have a suggestion for the chat. If it would be possible to right click or maybe click the name and be able to private message. Thanks
  8. Syberpro

    Fake Facebook game proof?

    For whoever is having the issue I have found the download for FlashInspector debugger Get it here:
  9. Syberpro

    Looking for some1 to teach me PPC

    I suggest you take a look at this Great information and it free
  10. Syberpro

    FREE CPA Widget / Content Lockers Skins (Increase CR)

    It been a while but when I tried no problem. There default has some movies things
  11. Syberpro

    How to fake proof for Facebook games?

    Does this work for flash games?
  12. Syberpro

    READ THIS! YouTube PVA info! + Verification Method UPDATED MARCH 15

    He has a good point on that last part :S.
  13. Syberpro

    Why Sharecash Widgets?

    Did you know with sharecash if you keep a stable 25$+ a day for 2 weeks you will be granted with Premium earner and have better surveys.
  14. Syberpro

    what you think of this method ?

    It a lot of steps to get a password... The widget on your website can just be bypassed if javascript is disabled.
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