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  1. shorty715

    Music while working. What's your choice ?

    This usually motivates me when working :smile: [video=youtube]
  2. shorty715

    Cpagrip locker template - Part 7 - NBA 2K15

    Thanks for the share! It looks great
  3. shorty715

    $$$ Ultimate Referral Training Program $$$

    I just resigned up for Sharecash, Ill send you my account information.
  4. shorty715

    What Phone You Have? Show it!

    LG Volt, I just bought it recently and its a really good phone!
  5. shorty715

    What's Your Favourite Shows on Tv?

    I have so many but the main ones are: The Walking Dead Breaking Bad American Horror Story
  6. shorty715

    $$$ Ultimate Referral Training Program $$$

    Hi, I'm interested in joining your training program. However, I'm already a Sharecash member, can you PM me the instructions on what to do. Thanks!
  7. shorty715

    Upgraded to Legends :D

    Congratulations sygamers! I hope to upgrade to legends in soon too, just waiting on my cleanfiles payment now.
  8. shorty715

    GSA Video Tutorial Guide - Xmas Gift To CPA - By --- The previous Admin ---

    Thanks for the guide HawkEye, I'm gonna bookmark this and save it for when I get GSA.
  9. shorty715

    How do you boost your views?

    For boosting my views I use enhanceviews, vagex, and shareyoutubevideos.
  10. shorty715

    2 niches that made me over 700 in two months and one hot niche with widgets!

    Thanks for the share neweaver, those are some HQ looking widgets too!
  11. shorty715

    Do you listen to music while working on PPD/CPA?

    I listen to a lot of different kinds of music - rap included.
  12. shorty715

    Music track of the day | Powered by Diablo

    This is a really good idea Diablo. We also share the same tastes in music, I will be checking on this thread daily. Looking forward to what you share!
  13. shorty715

    Do you listen to music while working on PPD/CPA?

    Yeah, just saw that thread you posted after I posted mine. I also listen to same types of music, and really liked that first song you shared.
  14. shorty715

    Do you listen to music while working on PPD/CPA?

    Just wondering if you guys listen to music while working on your projects. I personally do, but I've heard some people say its distracting. And if you do listen to music while working, what kind to you listen to?
  15. shorty715

    Shortys Journey to Success

    Update #5 Just a quick update, I've gotten a couple downloads the past days. I've been working on some different projects (not PPD). Today has been my best day so far and its only half way through the day! Cleanfiles - $2.34 Adworkmedia - $0.95 Total of $3.29 I know its not much but its a...
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