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    [ Help ] Sape Links

    With Sape links you want to make sure when you find a site you like you search them in Google to see if there are any legit reviews because some of them aren't very good, and some are fairly expensive and you don't really want to spend too much since the links are normally only good for a...
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    Lessons Learned from the Pinterest Ban [Affiliate Links Ban)

    What I have seen some people doing is instead of posting links directly they just link a blogger or throw-away site on pinterest.
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    Niche Idea

    Best of luck with your niche idea :smile:
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    Newbie Starter Kit - Welcome To CPA Elites

    Great thread, thanks for sharing :-)
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    Hello MrSmitty Here

    I have been doing seo for nearly 10 years, I offer my services on more than a dozen websites. I have been doing it a long time and have spent a fair amount of money studying it and staying up to date with the best seo techniques and staying up to date on all search engine updates. I also do ad...
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    Hello MrSmitty Here

    Well I have been around online for quite some time but lately been getting a bit more serious about cpa so found this site via google and joined. My main online business is seo and ad placement services. However lately I have been doing a bit more cpa stuff so I found this place and joined :-)
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