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    I want to do blogging but...

    You could look for relevant PLR content in your niche and go from there. Don't copy and paste directly but change some words and use the structure as a starting point.
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    Writing Content

    How about you download some PLR articles or eBooks for your niche and re-write them? That can often work well as long as you make sure to change the content enough for search engines.
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    Someone Hacked for my Paypal Account!HELP ME

    If you used modified information then it'll be extremely hard getting your money back. Is the modified details in any of your parents names?
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    Someone Hacked for my Paypal Account!HELP ME

    Get in contact with Paypal immediately. Make sure to phone them so you get a fast response and solution.
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    make a proof video ??N

    There are lots of great Visual Basic designs on here you can find. Just use Camtasia and show a screen recording of it.
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    Of course not, you could write a 1000 page book on getting targeted traffic. Look around the shares section, you'll quickly begin to find ways to promote your videos. Start off by trying SEO.
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    how can i reaccess my gmail account?

    Your best bet is to try and contact Google and find out the reason why it was banned.
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    Working 3months in ppd no earnings

    Take a look here: At least you have earned some money! There must be something wrong with your landing page then. Have you optimized it and split tested the conversion rate?
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    [HELP ME] how to send message to 5,000-20,000 emails at once?

    You should also check with your ISP about doing this. Many ISP's only allow a certain number of emails to be sent every hour.
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    Any way to collect email?

    You are looking for an autoresponder. Try Aweber or GetResponse. Mailchimp is good but not for internet marketers.
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    pewdiepie not banned!

    How much money do you bring in for YouTube? Think about the money he earns them.
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    maximum RAM limit for 64-bit windows 7 professional

    I have 16GB of RAM and its more than enough. 192GB is complete overkill, especially for internet marketing.
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    How to grow fb page?

    This is a great way to grow your page. It also has a viral effect as many of the users friends see the page on their newsfeed. It also works with other social media accounts.
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    looking for a wordpress theme

    I would recommend Avada. Its multi-purpose, comes with Revolution Slider and has a very slick design.
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    yahoo answers + ppd

    You can use Yahoo Answers for promoting loads of niches but the chances of your answers getting marked as spam are higher when the account is new. You want to have a high level account that has quality posts on it, preferrably some without links. This way the chances of you getting banned are...
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