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    Youtube videos gets stuck at +301

    share youtubevideos its greater to bypass 301 views
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    France Australia Netherlands Norway Spain South-Africa Germany Austria Ireland most of the high paying countries uses mobile surveys ..
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    ★ BigBuddy's Youtube Views 2.0 ★ High Retention Non Drop Views ★3500+ Happy Buyers★

    i ordered views .. waiting to them be delivered ..
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    [Free Give Away] 5000 Retention Views to 50 Members

    PM'ed you i hope there are still left .. thanks
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    Captcha Sniper FREE

    thanks for the great share i will post later if its works for me
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    [How To] Instantly Update YouTube Views Counter

    thanks i will try it with my next niche
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    $5,000 This Month On AdWorkMedia :)

    great earnings man good luck in making more and its youtube traffic ??
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    HQ niches ready and waiting for you to use RIGHT NOW!

    thanks for the awesome share its a very good niches for beginners
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    Error in putting script in Blogger

    if you look down from were you got that you would see which means you need to the "&" in the code with "&" so blogger can read that code and in other words your code need to be like this plus were the red capital X you need to put the link to what ever they do survey put this before...
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    Where to upload files

    mediafire and dropbox and sometime i add zippyshare
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    Help with downloads!

    yeah but you already upload you video and ranked him right ?? next time before you uploading your video make a blog make it HQ as you can and add a download button take that as a example (a picture that have link to your download) and a text in your video to your blog as watermark and that it
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    Help with downloads!

    well nobody gonna download it like that lets say your niche is microsoft points generator let say you have a your MicrosoftPointsGenerator2013.exe program you make microsoftpointsgenerator.txt that you should write and you upload it to your ppd network and you make a readme.txt that there you...
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    Help with downloads!

    did you put link to our ppd file from youtube ??
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    How do you guys upload your videos?

    yeah i use sony vegas for editing add blur if needed and make its look reliable
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