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  1. magol

    Is there any good keyword tool?

    I found one or 2 but I don't want to pay for them because I'm not sure even if they're legit, so do you guys know some keywords tools that tells you what people typed in today or at least yesterday, not a month ago? Thanks
  2. magol

    How does reddit's upvote system work?

    Hi cpaelite, Once I just avoided other methids and focused on reddit, I just thoought it would be good to create multiple accounts from the same ip and it would work to upvote my own stuff and I actually tried that but from 10 upvotes from diffrent accounts only 3 or 4 were counted, then I used...
  3. magol

    Best tutorial/ebook for SEO

    http ://
  4. magol

    Best tutorial/ebook for SEO

    Let's be honest people who are trying to make SEO complictaed are those who are selling these ebooks, my opinion is that the free info is the best, but if you still want an ebook, I've gathered a file full ebooks and videos http: //
  5. magol


    is this just content locker skins?
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