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  1. magico

    [Sharecash]Your account is banned. Reason: Account Deleted/Inactive/No Downloads for

    Hey guys ive taken break from IM for some time, i have had no idea that this is possible so i left some of my money on sharecash and also i was not requesting payouts that my referalls was making me on Sharecash. And one day when i try to login i see " Your account is banned. Reason: Account...
  2. magico

    [CLOSED] Xmas PS4 Giveaway Including... Logitech Keyboard, Amazon Fire TV Etc...

    best memory of cpaelites is when yt insta method died and alot of ppl was crying all over the forums! :)) i do not target any country for now but im planing to do in future! fr/nl
  3. magico

    [SHARE] $50-$100 A Day Method [Ebook]

    very bad explaination and the method is nothing special.
  4. magico

    News from Skymonetizer PPI Affiliate Program

    this is total sh!t. i get alot of traffic but no install then i asked my friend to install it and again no load. stay away from them.
  5. magico

    [HOT] Bank With Facebook!

    ive just tested this and i have hard time reciveing the email, when i recive it straight to inbox. could anyone tell me how i can convert to ? should i just put the username before even if its with letters or i should find their numbers ID?
  6. magico

    [Possible Method] Unlimited Facebook Ads

    can u shoot few tips about making account ..?
  7. magico

    Mixafe mostly 1k daily - already there :)

    john just informed me that he moved me under ur referal and just purchased scrapebox, tommorow gscraper recaptcha and proxies and im ready, just contact me somehow as im ready and my main target is already 3-4-5 page on goolge for different KWs we just gotta give some juice in mainwhile ill...
  8. magico

    Mixafe mostly 1k daily - already there :)

    i already informed john to change me under ur referal, i have gsa + cb + gsa indexer + vps 8gb ram 8 cpus 1gb connection, i was earning something but not on cpagrip, heres my skype add me in your contact list or into group, i have niche and good landing page up and running even...
  9. magico

    Mixafe mostly 1k daily - already there :)

    and for me? ive posted twice ..
  10. magico

    Multi Threaded Pinterest Automation - Pin Blaster - Working For Over 2 Years

    1 license work for only 1 account and 1 pc ? or i can use it on multiple accounts and pcs?
  11. magico

    Get traffic spamming facebook

    and all that should be manual work which is hard to scale up ...
  12. magico

    Mixafe mostly 1k daily - already there :)

    @mixafe would u accept me as ur referal? i have almost all the tools needed and i can buy all other needed and im ready to work very hard. i have starter knowlegde with gsa ...but im fast learner :D quote my post when u reply so i can see and transfer my account under urs
  13. magico

    Money's SetNForget Journey

    come onnn money update! :)) im following ur journey and im very interested how it goes, keep it up buddy!
  14. magico

    [Tutorial] Make Unlimited YouTube Accounts Without Phone Verification | Make YT PVA!

    is this still works? ive done 6 accounts, first 3 are good but last 3 are asking for phone verification, i didnt mistaken the captcha even i changed my ip and restarted bluestacks, any suggestion or help superhero?
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