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    [Live Proof] #1 Google in just 5 Mins : Biggest Earner's Code Revealed

    1,Google does not index the links from Reddit 2. does not accept files from Reddit 3. does not accept files from Reddit but the method still works e.g help :/
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    [CLOSED] Xmas PS4 Giveaway Including... Logitech Keyboard, Amazon Fire TV Etc...

    Thank you for the cooperation CPAelites and Adworkmedia, I love you guys! :) My best memory from AdWorkmedia was when I received my first french lead. 15$ :D
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    YouTube Account Store - Buy YouTube Accounts - Instant Delivery

    On paypal. I don`t want your not working accounts, a lot of people are writing that you are selling shit, are you blind?
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    YouTube Account Store - Buy YouTube Accounts - Instant Delivery

    I bought 10 accounts today, all of them are disabled right after 1st login, i don`t recommend it. Seller does not want to make a refund. Thread reported.
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    delete thread---------------------
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    fake sh*t is ruining this industry

    Do you mean put content locker with shitty annoying surveys to earn from real stuff? People hate surveys, they prefer to pay for legit stuff than bother with sms subscriptions or neverending surveys.
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    PPDPlace - PPD Exchange site

    Funny.. it`s clean incent traffic. No viruses, no fake files, no DMCA. If you are working smart you are safe, but if 100% of your earnings are from exchange - you`ll be propably banned. ;)
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    PPDPlace - PPD Exchange site

    PPDPlace, Register You can buy or earn credits which you can use for generate leads. Each download gets you 1 credit that can be used to Get downloads. You can also buy Credits to make things faster. You can also earn from Refs, they are also...
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    Will CPA/PPD ever die???

    PPD with low quality traffic - maybe.. CPA - i don`t think so..
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    Do you believe in god?

    O yeah.. God promising virgins after death ;) It`s so mystical.
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    Do you believe in god?

    Only when i`m really stoned
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    [Epic Fail] Youtube Comments from PPD Marketers

    Master of trolling .
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