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  1. ivanmkci

    [Double Verifyed] Youtube PVA [Cheapest]

    LOL, another one provider who is using one of bots for creating YouTube PVAs and I'm 100% sure because you're avoiding my question.
  2. ivanmkci

    [Double Verifyed] Youtube PVA [Cheapest]

    Are your accounts manually created?
  3. ivanmkci

    Found new niche!

    Nice find mate :) Keep up the good work! :D
  4. ivanmkci

    Hello guys Kimmy here!!!

    Welcome to CPAElites mate :D
  5. ivanmkci

    CPA Lander + Regfix

    It's not working, serial already blacklisted :)
  6. ivanmkci

    Another Bosnian Here

    Welcome to CPAElites :) Koje mjesto kod Doboja?
  7. ivanmkci

    IS AWM Bad today?

    AWM is bad after they updated campaign showing algorithm at 14/05.
  8. ivanmkci

    CPA Lander + Regfix

    Don't worry, you can use it for 1-2 days before we blacklist your serial, so you also wasted $10 ;)
  9. ivanmkci Review

    They're scam network for few months :)
  10. ivanmkci

    $$Moneyboy's journey$$ - Target $50/day [Update-134]

    Nice earnings, keep doing that bro :)
  11. ivanmkci

    Hello Elites

    Welcome to CPAElites! Hope you will learn something new here :)
  12. ivanmkci

    How to Steal PPD niches from youtube

    Didn't know this. Thanks for sharing :)
  13. ivanmkci

    Hello CPA Elites from AdWork Media!

    Welcome here AWM :)
  14. ivanmkci

    DEFINITIVE Guide To Niche Sites – No Tricks. Yours…FREE!

    Thanks for sharing, will definitely look on this :)
  15. ivanmkci

    Hello CpaElites, Wildowak right here!

    Welcome! Hope you will learn something new here :)
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