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  1. Envo

    Best PPV Network For PPD?

    Let me re-word that, what are a few networks where you don't have to deposit $50+ and you can just pay as you go and also has a decent reputation.
  2. Envo

    Best PPV Network For PPD?

    They have a lot of scam reports/ ripoff reports on them. I guess I'm out of luck as PPV takes 1,000 or so to get started which I don't have. I'll think of something else I guess unless someone else can give me an idea.
  3. Envo

    Best PPV Network For PPD?

    That's not what I'm promoting though. I'm promoting PPD offers with landing pages. Hence when I need to target certain keywords.
  4. Envo

    Best PPV Network For PPD?

    Yea, they require large deposits I think though.
  5. Envo

    Envo's Re-Introduction

    Hey, I haven't been active in a while, to be specific I haven't been active since this site was created. I've recently got back into PPD so I figured I'd start to be active on here again. I remember when this website was just a small forums starting out and now it's the largest CPA related...
  6. Envo

    Best PPV Network For PPD?

    Hey, I have a new idea that involves PPD and I'm going to need a PPV network to get started. I've never bought PPV traffic but I plan on doing some testing. I'd like for anyone who knows a decent PPV network that will send decent traffic my way to post it here. Please don't post any network...
  7. Envo

    Monetizing 15,000,000 FB Likes

    Hey, Recently came across a new partnership and we where going to create some viral news sites and use his pages to get traffic. But I'm not sure on how to go about monetizing the sites themselves. Google Adsense doesn't like that type of stuff, I was thinking of using a CPA network but I hate...
  8. Envo

    YouTube Ranking?

    Hey, So I've been trying to rank a niche for a while now and am having issues. I tried backlinks, social signals etc, could someone give me a list of seoclerks/fiverr gigs that I need to rank my video. Thanks!
  9. Envo

    Anyone else see the Sharecash update?

    Hey, I logged into Sharecash today and they added a new section. Basically they have thousands of PLR eBooks for you to promote and they have a landing page creator as well. It's pretty cool. They also updated the download page, not a fan of that put the new eBook section looks amazing. Anyone...
  10. Envo

    just bought GSA

    I may buy GSA soon, demo seems pretty cool but I need to buy captcha breakers as well.
  11. Envo

    Software to rank YT videos?

    Thanks guys, I have the GSA trial and am trying to learn to use it. With GSA I'll need a captcha breaking system though and I GSA Captcha breaker is a lot of money..
  12. Envo

    Software to rank YT videos?

    Okay, as far as GSA training goes, do they have like a training site as I'm an SEO newbie. Also will I need a VPS even if my computer can stay on basically 24/7 and do I need private proxies?
  13. Envo

    Get Almost Any Script or Theme for free

    bumping this for you guys.
  14. Envo

    YT Chain Banned

    Damn, that sucks. My guess would be you not clearing your cookies or it all having the same site somehow linked to it. I sort of want to try to tackle Google ranking but it's intimating
  15. Envo


    Thinking about buying GSA but not sure if I want to buy private proxies as well as a VPS to run it on.
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