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  1. Engineer

    [Tutorial] Make a Simple Logo in Photoshop

    Thanks you for this. I hope, I can somehow make logos for my websites now.
  2. Engineer

    French Niche Goldmine Website

    Thanks a lot for sharing this :)
  3. Engineer

    Share Your Favourite Movies With Everyone - Here Are Mine

    My all time favorite movie is "The Dark Knight". Apart from that, among the new releases, I like: Hobbit Desolation of the Smaug Wolf Of Wall Street Lone Survivor. There are many more I like but just to keep it short...
  4. Engineer


    Welcome to CPAELITES. Enjoy your stay here. If you have any doubts, you can ask them in the Newbies Helpdesk section.
  5. Engineer

    How Many Of You Work Online Full Time In CPA?

    I do this as part time. The rest of the time, I spend in completing my engineering degree and doing research in applied science.
  6. Engineer

    CPAElites Hit 15000 members

    That's a great news :) 15k members in such a short period is something adorable. Thanks Hawk-Eye and every staff and every member contributing the forum.
  7. Engineer

    How to get PREMIUM downloads for Uploaded/LetitBit/Rapidgator/TurboBit + More!

    If this could help: Password ( Required on the first page) : deretour It leeches the following hosts:
  8. Engineer

    400$ In One Month Journey

    Good luck for your CPA journey. I hope you could earn as much as the legendary earners do :)
  9. Engineer

    [FREE] FIFA 14 HTML Landing Page

    Nice :) Looks good to me. I'll use it.
  10. Engineer

    CPA Elites Is Growing So Fast Thank You Elites!

    More than anything else, It is you Hawk Eye who has maintained the forum to be HQ. I mean if I want something, I just search and I see its there, sorted and fine. That wouldn't be possible without you. I thank you for this wonderful forum.
  11. Engineer

    Hello from INDIA

    Hey there! Welcome to CPAelites. Enjoy your stay here. Stay HQ!
  12. Engineer

    ๖ۣۜPrototype Contributes | Free Logo Packs

    Thanks for the share. Will be useful.
  13. Engineer

    [Tutorial] How To Get Free Application Easy

    This is an old google dork. You can only get old c r@cks through this which are easily available on other blogs/forums. Nonetheless, it is useful for newbies.
  14. Engineer

    [POLL] Tabs suggestion

    Tabbed browsing will be a really great idea.
  15. Engineer

    Promoting fake files on AWM. - Is there a risk?

    My account on awm got suspended few hours back just for a fake niche i created months ago and i had no idea about that.
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